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Spotlight: Protecting Car Dealerships



Project Type

Car Dealerships


UK wide

The Background

With vast areas of outdoor space to showcase vehicles, as well as numerous assets within a compound, perimeter security should be a key factor consideration for any car dealership.


Each dealership faces numerous security threats from multiple sources, ranging from targeted crime to random vandalism. Therefore, a robust and tailored solution is often required.

What are the security threats that a dealerships needs to consider?

  • Vehicle thefts
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Fuel theft
  • Equipment damage
  • Building break-ins
  • Parts & component thefts

The Solution

Procter Contracts have worked on with a number of high-profile car dealerships to design, manufacture, and install a range of security fencing and gates. Each tailored solution we provide protects all assets within a compound and holds up against intruders.


Protect Your Vehicles, Equipment & Business

In addition to our anti-climb fencing and vehicle and pedestrian gates, we have unrivalled experience when it comes to guiding clients on the most appropriate security bollards, CCTV, barriers and gate access control.

We also work with a number of car dealerships to provide them with gate maintenance for their automated gates. This not only ensures that they comply with the latest safety standards, but saves money by ensuring the expected operational life of the gate.

Key issues to consider when protecting your car dealership:

  • An anti-climb fencing system
  • Full perimeter security (CCTV etc.)
  • Access control incorporated into automated gates
  • Strategically placed barriers and bollards

The Result or Feedback

If you are looking at securing your site, contact our experts now.

“The site looks very impressive and we are often complimented on this by customers, coach operators and other local businesses. The fencing and gates provide a very secure site which is important as our fleet of top quality coaches are extremely valuable. We have had extremely good service from Procter Contracts who continue to maintain the installation.“