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Here at Procter Contracts we go to great lengths to ensure our gates comply with the latest standards, regulations and guidance.  But not all suppliers are so diligent, and safety requirements have been tightened significantly in recent years.  It is estimated that more than 70 per cent of powered gates in the UK are non-compliant and could cause serious injury or death (sadly, powered gates have caused seven deaths in the UK and Ireland, at least nine serious injuries and countless near misses in the past ten years).

The easiest way for you to check whether your gate is safe is to use the form on this page to request an Automatic Gate Compliance Survey.  Our gate safety experts are accredited under the Safety Assured scheme run by the Powered Gate Group of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF).  One of our experts can assess your gate for compliance with the current British Standards, the European Machinery Directive and the HSE-backed guidance from the DHF.  Each Compliance Survey includes an assessment of the gate usage pattern, measurement of the force exerted on an obstruction, testing of safety devices, measurement of safety distances between guarding and hazards, and a thorough visual inspection.  Our experts are accredited to inspect all types of powered and automatic gate: cantilevered sliding, tracked sliding, swing, bi-folding and telescopic.

At the end of the Compliance Survey, you will be presented with a report highlighting any non-compliances and recommending actions to be taken to ensure the gate can be operated safely.

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