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Tennis Court Fencing
Reboust tennis court fencing made from pro-twin, with a wide choice of specifications available

Procter contracts are gate, street furniture and fencing contractors. We have designed, manufactured and supplied a number of tennis court fencing sites. And with over 100 years experience in the installation of perimeter fencing systems, you can be sure on our expertise. We offer a FREE SITE SURVEY and professional advice to ensure all your specifications and requirements are met.

The fence perimeters enclose the tennis area allowing the ball to stay within the tennis site and prevent people from entering the facility who shouldn’t be there. There are a variety of fencing solutions available to choose from depending upon the requirements of the facility as well as your budget.

The fencing options vary in price and depend upon the amount, height and specification. Tennis court fencing include:

  • Tennis chain link fencing is an great cost-effective option for sporting grounds that are solely used for tennis.
  • Weld mesh fencing is a more stable and rigid option that is used to enclose tennis courts
  • Muga fencing products are excellent choice for multi games area pitches and other ball games. The fence stays stable and strong when impacted. And is available in a wide range of heights up to 5m.

There are many tennis court fencing solutions available to fit all budges and requirements. With prices and specification of fencing varying from chain link to double Pro-twin rebound. NB: The fence is often determined with the level of use along with sports played on the facility. If the fence is just set to surround and enclose a sports facility then chain link could be a suitable option.

On an area such as MUGAs where there are a number of sports played within the venue other than tennis, consideration should be given to more stable and solid barriers systems such as rebound PRO-twin, these options will add to the playing characteristics of other sports like football as well as being more hard-wearing and durable in areas of high impact.

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Key Features

  • Tennis court fencing
  • medium perimeter security fencing
  • Tennis mesh fencing  Or tennis chain link
  • Robust galvanised metal with pvc coating
  • Choice of colours
  • Astheically pleasing
  • Durable solution for high impact sports or alternative low cost options
  • Standard panels from 1m right up to 5m in height.

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