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Swing barriers
A simple and cost-effective way

Procter swing barriers are simple and cost-effective if you need to control access to car parks, industrial sites or commercial premises, but only on an occasional basis. The barriers are easy to use thanks to self-latching at the catch posts, and they are padlockable in the open or closed position. Different designs are available, depending on the opening width and customer preferences.

Finish – All of our swing barriers are manufactured from mild steel, galvanised for long-lasting protection against corrosion, and finished with a tough polyester powder coating. The standard colour is red, but this can be complemented with reflective white tape or, alternatively, the barriers can be finished in black with reflective yellow tape. Other colours are available on request.

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The maximum boom length for a single barrier is 6 m but swing barriers can be installed in pairs for use with wider roadways.



    Key Features


    • The gate can be secured with the minimum of user intervention due to the spring loaded Self Latching mechanism 
    • Padlock can be used to secure the gate in the open or closed position (recommended).
    • White/red class 2 reflectors.
    • Adjustable hinges allow on-site adjustment to ensure that the gate and catch post are correctly aligned.
    • The catch post has a reduced height making the release mechanism of the gate easier and reduces the risk of trapped fingers.
    • Added safety features include: Skirt height of 550mm (approx car bumper height).
    • Double gates are also available with central locking or double removable catch post.
    • Additional catch post is required to lock gate in “open” position.


    Boom length up to 6.0m, 60x60x3mm steel
    996mm to underside of boom
    Steel pivot post 120x120x5mm thick
    Catch post of 90x50x3mm thick
    Catch post adjustable to +/- 70mm

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