Sports Fencing

What is sport fencing?

Procter Pro-twin 868 is a market-leading, high-quality sport fencing system for sport, MUGA, leisure and school applications. Similar to our Pro-twin welded mesh panel fencing system, Pro-twin 868 has the added benefit of excellent rebound characteristics to eliminate the need for rebound boards at the base of the fence. It is suitable for areas used by children, adults and professionals.

Pro-Twin 868, also referred to as sports rebound fencing or ball stop fencing, is reinforced for the first 1.2 m above ground level to withstand impacts from balls and people who come into contact with the fencing. Furthermore, the galvanised and powder coated finish shrugs off repeated impacts so it continues to look good and protect against corrosion for many years without the need for repainting or retensioning.

We can quote against drawings and specifications or we can use our many decades of experience in this field to advise on the optimum height, fence posts, finish and other details to suit the client’s requirements. We offer a turnkey service using our own specialist installation teams or we can supply all the necessary components if the client has contractors available to install the fencing.

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Sport fencing – product overview

Our Pro-Twin 868 fencing system comprises fully-welded panels of wire mesh fabricated from vertical 6 mm diameter wires and twin horizontal 8 mm wires either side of the verticals. For the lower 1.2 m of the fence, the mesh size is 50 mm wide by 66.5 mm high; above 1.2 m the vertical spacing is 200 mm (all dimensions are nominal). The combination of twin-wire configuration, large-diameter wires and small mesh size for the lower 1.2 m ensures that balls rebound back into play – and the risk of injury for players is also minimised should they contact the fence.

Standard fence heights range from 3.0 to 5.0 m (other heights are available on request), with post centres at 2.52 m. Panels and posts are galvanised and powder coated for a long, maintenance-free life. Fences are normally finished in green or black, but other colours can be supplied to order.

To secure the panels to the posts, our Pro-Twin 868 system features clamp bars and zinc-plated domed screws to present a virtually flush finish for the play side of the fencing. Optional security fasteners can be specified to provide additional protection against tampering and vandalism.

To complement the Pro-Twin 868 sport fencing we can manufacture, supply and install access gates in standard or bespoke sizes and with the same rebound characteristics. In addition, we can add goal recesses, basketball backboards, rings and nets, or other features requested by the client.

As a market leader with over 100 years’ experience in fencing and railings, we offer a full turnkey service that covers site surveys, consultations, design, manufacture and installation. Unlike other suppliers, we only use our own installation teams not subcontractors, so we maintain complete control over quality throughout every phase of the project to ensure the end result meets the highest possible standards.
What are the key features of sport fencing?

Procter Pro-Twin 868 mesh fencing system is highly robust and longlasting, comprising prefabricated welded mesh panels and RHS (rectangular hollow section) steel posts. The posts are set in concrete and the panels attached to the post using clamp bars and zinc-plated screws that fasten into threaded inserts factory-installed in the posts. As a result, our installation teams spend the minimum amount of time on site.

Fence heights of 3.0, 4.0, 4.5 or 5.0 m are available, or we can produce other heights to order. Post centres are 2.52 m and the RHS steel post sections are 80×40, 100×50 or 120×60 mm, depending on the fence height.

The clamp bars and zinc-plated domed screws present a virtually flush finish for the play side of the fencing. Optional security fasteners can be specified to provide additional protection against tampering and vandalism.
All of our Pro-twin 868 fencing is galvanised and powder coated for long-term corrosion resistance and an excellent maintenance-free aesthetic. Standard colours are green RAL 6005 and black RAL 9005, but panels, post and clamp bars can alternatively be finished in other RAL colours.

Key Features

For over 100 years we have been designing, manufacturing and installing railings, fencing and gates, and we have established a reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. We are still a family-owned and run business, serving customers throughout the UK and overseas from our four bases in South Wales, Yorkshire, Essex and Somerset. Whatever your requirements for sport fencing, whether you are from a school, sports club, local authority or anywhere else, we will work with you to ensure you receive high-quality fencing at a very competitive price.

A good example of our capability in this field is the project we completed for Mill Hill School. We installed 3.0 m high Pro-twin 868 sport fencing for the pitches, and SBD (Secured By Design) certified 1.8 m high Pro-twin wire mesh panel fencing around the site boundary.

Another new-build school project in which we were involved was Highbury Grove Business & Enterprise College in Islington, London. For this project we supplied and installed railings and automated gates, and of particular interest is the sports fencing we installed to separate the MUGA from the running track.


Vertical wire diameter:6 mm
Horizontal wire diameter:8mm
Installed heights:3.0, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 m (other heights available on request)
Mesh size:Up to 1.2 m: 50 mm wide x 66.5 mm high Above 1.2 m: 50 mm wide x 200 mm high
Panel width:2.52 m
Posts:RHS steel 80x40, 100x50 or 120x60 mm to suit fence height
Finish (panels, posts and clamp bars):Hot-dip galvanised and polyester powder coated in green RAL 6005 or black RAL 9005 (other RAL colours available on request); 100 micron minimum thickness.

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