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Polyurethane flexible bollards
Ideal solution in a location that is likely to be frequently hit by vehicles

Flexible bollards are manufactured from terrathane, a highly flexible type of polyurethane, the bollards are designed to bend and fold up to 90 degrees before standing right back up in its original position when the load is removed.

Not only does this reduce the damage to a vehicle upon impact, it avoids the need to replace the bollard in the event of an incident or crash and means they can be run over time and time again without damage.

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Where is the best place to use flexible bollards?

Recognising there are locations where there is a need for bollards which flex when hit rather than require replacing or refitting, flexible bollards are Ideal for making high traffic areas safe, such as loading bays and site entrances.

They can also be used on roads to highlight traffic islands and junctions, or in car parks, on pavements or around buildings to protect premises.

This 100% weather-proof, the scratch-resistant bollard can be driven over and hit and will revert back to the upright position again without causing any damage to the ground or the bollard itself.

Key Features

• A highly durable and resilient material that will never require painting.
• Coloured all the way through, so even if scratched there is no change in colour
• Can be run over time and time again without damage
• 10-year warranty as standard
• 100% weather-proof, scratch-resistant bollard
• Cost-saving as removes the need for bollard replacement
• Require no maintenance once installed
• Range of diameters available to choose from
• Available with rounded or domed tops.
• Supplied in black as standard with alternative colours can be made to order
• Available in 2 sizes and a Manchester style
• The bollard is completely ridged in the upright position


Material: TerrathaneBollard will fold 90 degrees
Domed bollard top 1000mm above ground height
Colour: Black with coloured reflective tapes (options available)300mm depth below ground
Available in diameters of 130mm (weight 5kgs) or 155mm (weight 7kgs)Wall thickness for 130mm bollard is 9mm or 12mm for 155mm bollard

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