Height Restriction Barriers

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Fixed and hinged height restrictors
In almost any height or width

Our height restrictors are ideal when you need to control the height of vehicles entering a car park or other site, such as a household recycling centre. The framework is fabricated from mild steel and galvanised for long-lasting protection against corrosion; we then apply a high-visibility finish, usually red and white or yellow and black, but other colours are available on request.

A fixed height restrictor is the simplest option, or a hinged height restrictor might be necessary if occasional access is required by taller vehicles, perhaps for making deliveries, emptying waste bins or performing maintenance.

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  • Fixed height restrictor
  • Height rest barriers
  • Swing height restrictor
  • Swing height restrictor with swing gate
  • Height restrictor

Customers often specify a knocking bar that is suspended beneath the main horizontal beam to help prevent damage to the height restrictor and vehicle if an oversize vehicle attempts to pass.





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