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Planning a Fencing Project – Free White Paper

Perimeter fencing white paper

Download Perimeter Fencing White Paper

Planning a fencing project is a new FREE White Paper published by Procter Fencing Systems, packed with hints and tips for specifiers. The guide will be of assistance to people new to preparing for fencing projects and those who are experienced but who want to minimise costs.

There is more to specifying fencing than many people realise, and making mistakes can result in fences that do not meet the requirements fully or cost more than they should. The secret to success lies in careful planning.

The White Paper discusses the three main reasons for erecting fencing: security, aesthetics and boundary demarcation. It then explains how to assess the level of security required so that the optimum fencing products can be selected, and describes the options for projects where aesthetics are an important consideration or where the need is simply for boundary demarcation.

A perimeter fence will only ever be as secure as the access points, so the White Paper provides guidance on specifying powered and manually operated gates and access controls when planning a fencing project, and tells readers what to look for in terms of potential security breaches. Compliance with local planning regulations is also discussed. 

The final point to consider when planning a fencing project is who will install the fencing, gates and additional security features.  Some installers simply hire unskilled labour as necessary, whereas Procter Fencing Systems, which has CHAS accreditation, employs full-time, skilled and experienced installation teams. Moreover, all Procter’s personnel have received the required CISS health and safety training, and contracts are carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 procedures.

Planning a fencing project contains a wealth of useful advice. This White Paper is available free of charge via the Specifiers Guide section of the website or email [email protected]

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