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How to Make Your HWRC Secure

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High-security perimeter protection from Procter Contracts

Household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) provide somewhere for members of the public to dispose of unwanted items in a safe,
environmentally-responsible way. However, one person’s rubbish can be a desirable commodity to others, so theft, trespass and vandalism is a serious concern.

The biggest issue is out-of-hours break-ins, with locks, gates and fences being damaged in order that larger quantities of items can be stolen. This can result in lost revenue streams and reductions in items donated to charity, whilst
also incurring disruption to business continuity and costly repair to the damage done to locks, gates and fences.

Perimeter security fencing and gates are the first line of defence around a recycling centre and are therefore vitally important. Furthermore, fencing and gates are a significant factor in the first impression made on visitors, so appropriate high-security fencing and gates act as an effective deterrent.

This Specifier’s Guide to Perimeter Security for Recycling Centres explains the options available, presents the advantages and
limitations of each, and steers the reader towards making the right decisions that will result in the necessary level of security while
taking into account other factors such as costs and aesthetics.

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