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Free Guide to Fencing for Schools

Free guide for School Fencing

Procter Contracts, one of the UK’s leading specialist manufacturers of fencing and gates, has published a specifier’s guide to perimeter security fencing for schools, which is available free of charge upon request. This comprehensive publication, called ‘Fencing for Schools’, is an invaluable aid to specifiers who need to know the pros and cons of alternative types of fencing for schools.

Research has shown that fencing is the most important of the available security measures for protecting schools. However, there is a fine balance to be struck between providing adequate security and maintaining an attractive learning environment. Furthermore, fencing has to be considered alongside other security measures, as the optimum choice of fencing will, to some extent, depend on other measures employed. Other factors to consider when specifying fencing include local planning requirements, national and international standards, and costs.

Specifiers often do not appreciate how complex the subject of perimeter security is today. Furthermore, individual projects have their own needs so must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

‘Fencing for Schools’ explains and illustrates the various options available, presents the advantages and limitations of each, and helps the reader to make the right decision that will give the necessary level of security at an acceptable cost and without compromising other areas such as aesthetics.

The guide includes useful sections on risk assessments, types of fencing, gates, fence posts, installation and additional security features, plus there is a table of British, European and international standards relating to security fencing.

Click to download a free PDF copy of Fencing for Schools , the specifier’s guide to perimeter security fencing for schools. Alternatively, to discuss any requirements for fencing, gates or access control systems, please email¬†Procter Fencing Systems.

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