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Eco Friendly Hoarding
FenceSafe Hoard is the next generation in sustainable and secure site hoarding construction.

Designed using a robust composite recycled plastic profile, this next generation site hoarding construction system allows manual handling of all parts (except concrete blocks) and can be either dug in or surface mounted for a foundation free installation.

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Each board is connected with tongue and groove click fix for easy assemble that slot into engineered steel rails and channels. The posts which can be either surface mounted on to concrete blocks or dug in are 80 x 60 flanged rolled sections at 2.5m centres.

Conforming to both BS EN 1991 for wind loading and ‘A guide to good practice – TWf2012: 01 (revised 2014)’ the operational safe temperatures for FenceSafe Hoard are -5 to <+79oC. All components are within Manual Handling Regulations (except concrete blocks).

On Dug in systems, our range of High Security Mesh Fencing Systems can be installed after the Site Hoarding is removed on existing posts.

Temporary Gates and Turnstiles are available to match FenceSafe Hoard.




      Key Features

      • Composite Recycled Plastic Profiles
      • Dug In or Foundation Free Surface Mounted
      • Easily assembled thanks to its tongue and grove click fixings
      • For dug in systems, fencing from our wide range of High Security solutions is available
      • Temporary gates and turnstiles are available to match FenceSafe Hoard
      • Operation Temperatures of -5 to <+79oC
      • Conforms to TWf2001 and BS EN 1991


      Heights:2.4, 3.0m and Bespoke
      Profile Width:500mm
      Profile Depth:35mm
      Maximum Post Centres2.520m
      Posts: 80 x 60mm Flanged Rolled Section
      Materials:Core Composite Recycled Plastic Profiles with Steel Engineered Posts and Rails
      Gradients:1 in 7 as standard. Greater gradients can be achieved via modification of profiles and post centres.

      Types of hoarding on construction sites

      Construction Hoarding Graphics and Signage 

      Hoarding construction is the perfect chance for projects and contractors to advertise their businesses and brands whilst working on site. As many hoarding systems are used to protect within busy public areas , construction hoarding graphics is a great option for brand awareness and to promote amy other relevant information about the actual construction site and also develop community relations.

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